Dill Dinkers Inclement Weather Policy

Dill Dinkers Inclement Weather Policy

Please enable push notifications on your phone and be sure you have email enabled on your Court Reserve account (this can be found in the personal information section)

At Dill Dinkers, the safety and well-being of our players and staff are of utmost importance. During instances of inclement weather that could jeopardize the safety of our community, the following policy will be implemented:

1. Weather Assesstment:

Management will closely monitor weather forecasts and conditions to determine if Dill Dinkers operations need to be adjusted or suspended.


2. Communication:

Updates regarding any changes to the operating hours or closures due to severe weather will be communicated through the following channels:

  • Email notifications to players
  • Push notifications to players

3. Delayed Opening or Early Closure:

  • Opening: In the event of a delayed opening due to weather conditions, the Dill will open once it is deemed safe to do so. The new opening time will be communicated through the aforementioned channels.
  • Early Closure: If weather conditions deteriorate during the day, leading to safety concerns, Dill Dinkers may close early. Members will be informed about the early closure time and any adjustments to the schedule.

4. Make-Up Sessions and Membership Extensions:

For reservations that are canceled due to weather, efforts will be made to reschedule or credit players account for future use.

5. Member Safety Recommendations:

We encourage all members to prioritize their safety when considering traveling during severe weather. Please assess local conditions and your own safety before deciding to visit Dill Dinkers.


6. Staff Safety and Attendance:

Staff safety is a priority. During severe weather, employees’ safety will be considered, and adjustments to schedules or work-from-home arrangements may be implemented.

Please note that the decision to modify operating hours or close our facilities due to inclement weather is made with the safety and well-being of our players and staff in mind.

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